Fujifilm FinePix 6900 Zoom

The last year has been one of decluttering and tidying. In that process, I found my first digital camera – the Fujifilm FinePix 6900 Zoom. I think I purchased this around 2002; the camera was released early 2001. The specifications are interesting, compared with today’s cameras and smartphones. Maximum resolution was 2832 x 2128, producing […]

Performance Rights and Big Numbers

This week, the government is holding a hearing on the financials of the music industry, specifically around revenue from streaming compared to other forms of remuneration. This article from Sky News caught my eye, with Gary Numan unhappy that his streaming revenue for 1 million plays was only £37. I suspect that artists and others […]

The Problem with Test and Trace

This recent BBC article shines a rather sad light on the state of our community. There’s no excuse for rudeness, but I think we’ve reached this point due to a number of escalating issues that the government chooses never to address. Scam Callers There are real challenges in dealing with scam calls. I receive around […]

Name and Shame

I’m not a great fan of the UK Honours system. Too often, honours are granted to those who have literally just done the job they have been paid for. Admittedly, some awards are for inspiring the nation rather than just being there, and Ben Stokes’ amazing finale in the cricket against New Zealand is a […]