I’ve recently started making beer again, after a 30-year hiatus.  I used to make beer at university, with some successful results, including making copycat beers like Newcastle Amber and Old Peculier.  To ease back in, I’m using kits to get going, before getting back to fully brewing from scratch.  Here’s a list of what I’ve tried so far.

St Peter’s Brewery

St Peter’s offer kits based on their beers.  Kits can be ordered online (link) and are available through brew shops.

  • Cream Stout – I made this over the summer, so most of this will be best drunk as the weather turns colder.  It’s a nice stout, but perhaps could be a bit deeper flavoured.
  • Ruby Red Ale – one of the first kits I tried.  This is nice, but has a strong hoppy edge to it, through the addition of hop powder as part of the process.