The Technology Diet

It’s been a great summer and after two weeks in the Turks and Caicos Islands, with everything inclusive, it’s time to lose a little weight.  I’ve been thinking about how to approach things, as in the past I’ve been less than successful at anything other than the 5:2 diet.  It strikes me that as a […]

Challenges 2017 – How Am I Doing? Update #1

Here we are in early February and time for a first update.  It’s been hectic and only two of the challenges are getting somewhere.  First, I’m down 4.5 kilos or 10lbs since the start of the year.  I see this as a good gradual weight loss for the period.  What’s the secret?  There is none. […]

Challenges 2017

It’s always good to have challenges in life.  I’ve always strived to achieve more than I am (at any one point) and it’s one of the things that has driven me over the years, especially having worked independently for most of my career.  This year I thought I would document my 2017 challenges and see […]