I’ve been thinking about the idea of starting a personal blog for some time.  For over 10 years I’ve written a technical blog of sorts that started out as “Storage Eye”, evolved into “The Storage Architect” and currently exists as https://blog.architecting.it, however those are technical sites discussing work issues even though they have a personal focus.

A number of things made me consider this is the right time to start blogging personally.  First, the social media revolution has made personal writing acceptable (people I worked with laughed at me in 2002 when I started writing the technical blog), but I don’t agree with the principles of organisations like FaceBook to the degree that I no longer have an active FaceBook account.  That means I need a different outlet.  Second is the opportunity to talk about things outside of a work environment, that covers hobbies, interests and opinions while retaining control about how that content is dispersed.  Third, I need a home for my resume, CV or whatever you choose to call it, that isn’t directly reflected again only from a work perspective.

So here we are and here’s the first post.  I have no idea how often I’ll write, what the subjects will be, or whether things will be long or short form in nature.  I’m sure they will simply evolve!